• Bryan Hollomon Williams

Why, The Doorway.......

The title of this thought was something totally different, until Why jumped out, asking me of himself, Why?

Initial thought:

When things are running smoothly for you, your life, your situation, etc, it is imperative that you take a little time to ask yourself, "Why?" Why is it that everything is going so well and perfectly? "Why" is the doorway to your understanding. In answering the call of Why, you are pushed to learn. In doing so, your eyes are opened to every piece of the puzzle that creates the beautiful picture of your smoothly running life. You see people, entities, favor, and all sorts of factors. Be grateful for them! Appreciate them! Every now and again, thank them! Be humble, and never take them for granted.

Again, Why is the doorway to understanding:

Things are not going so well. Why?

He looks different. Why?

We don't believe the same. Why?

They are angry. Why?

She is so rebellious. Why?

He has a different interpretation. Why?

They are always so negative? Why?

They say not to judge. Why?

They say to Love. Why?

He treats everyone the same. Why?

She's always forgiving. Why?

They don't seem to like me. Why?

They say I'm wrong. Why?

He is smiling all the time. Why?

Imagine if simply heeded to call of Why. There might be a decrease in judgment, assumption, and ignorance. Why has led me to a LOT of learning, a lot of respect for others, and understanding of so many things. It is my belief, that the more you allow yourself to learn and grow, the better you become as a human being. Why is the doorway. Walk through.

Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.......

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