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Watch Your Fathers.......

Updated: Jun 21

As children, with eyes of immaturity, we see our Fathers as our heroes. They are the best, the strongest, and can beat up everyone else's Fathers in the neighborhood. They are perfect. As we get older, with the same immature eyes, we begin to see how our Fathers are merely human, imperfect, and capable of falling short. In that immaturity, we sometimes lash out, rebel, and even resent our Fathers to various extents. At these times, we realize not, how much we have yet to learn about this thing called life.

We grow up, become Fathers ourselves and aim to be the best to ever do it. Then WE become perfection, heroes, and invincibility in the immature eyes of our own youngans. With their same eyes of immaturity, they find that we are only human, imperfect, and capable of falling short. In their immaturity, they lash out, rebel, and even resent us to various extents. At these times, they realize not, how much they have yet to learn about this thing called life.

"Keep on livin," my Father said to me on the night of March 19th, 2005, after I spent time airing some grievances.

I spent so much of my early adult years trying not to be my Father, that I never truly realized who I actually was. I was 28 when my Father gave me the advice to "keep on livin." As I kept on livin, I began to accept his advice as the best he's ever given. The circumstances of my life, over the few years following that conversation, were like the sun shining at midnight. I simply saw that my Father was in me. All I had to do, in order to understand him better, was to know myself; doubtlessly know myself.

No Father knows what it is to be a Father, prior to becoming a Father. All he knows is that there is a new priority, and he is being called to the plate; the plate of provision, the plate of parenting, the plate of leadership, the plate of education, the plate protection, the plate of understanding, the plate of patience, the plate of forgiveness, the plate of mentorship, the plate of example, the plate of wisdom, the plate of discipline, the plate of integrity, the plate of acceptance, and the plate of needs. DAMN!! That's a lot to step up to! A lot of badges, a Father must wear.

Being a Father, knowing myself, looking at ALL I've been through as a Father, in this living I've kept on, I TRULY APPRECIATE MY FATHER!! I have watched my Father my entire life. It has not always been unicorns and rainbows, but maturity and growth teaches us that there are no unicorns. Maturity and growth teaches us that we've gotta sit through some rain before seeing the rainbows. So, children, watch your Fathers and don't get caught up in the rain, so much that you miss the arms of Sunshine and Rainbows holding you and keeping you through this thing called life. KEEP ON LIVIN!

Taylor Bryaun Williams, KEEP ON LIVIN!! I LOVE YOU!

Taylor Yvonne Blaise, KEEP ON LIVIN!! I LOVE YOU!

Mattison Elise Blaise, KEEP ON LIVIN!! I LOVE YOU!

Davyd Hollomon Williams, KEEP ON LIVIN!! I LOVE YOU!




Mr. Williams

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