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I'm not sure if "Uniform" is the best title for this post, but it's what has stuck in my mind since this thought began two days ago. A soldier is a soldier, even after he/she takes off his/her uniform. You can't "un-soldier" a soldier, just as you can't un-lion a lion or un-eagle an eagle. Who the soldier is, is in his heart and mindset. You can bob the lion's tail, shave its mane and dye him blue, yet it remains a lion. You can cut the wings of the eagle and strap it to roller skates, yet it remains an eagle.

Uniforms don't make us who we are. Many of us switch up outfits multiple times a day, catering to any and all but ourselves. We find ourselves feeling lost, uncertain, unfulfilled, and depressed. Endless dirges we dance at the funeral processions of our true selves, having no clue of what we do.

We were born with the happiness and love that our hearts and souls desire. The world taught it out of us at early ages, convincing us that they are found somewhere out amidst the madness of mankind's muckery, and in other men and women. We set out on missions to find ourselves, heavily dependent on others to tell us, "cold!", "warm!", "warmer!", "cold!" Should they ever yell, "HOT!", I am sure whatever it is, it will be you, not!

Know yourself, for yourself! All of what you need, in order to know who you truly are, you were BORN WITH IT! It is there! INSIDE of you!! The clipped wings and roller skates; the shaved mane, bobbed tail, and blue dye, are merely prisons in which the true you suffers! SOAR & ROAR DAMMIT!!

Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.......

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