• Bryan Hollomon Williams


I went down on one knee to pray; for strength and goodness for my family. I struggled to focus on my words, for they were blocked by a static image. I stood at the center of a vortex, before my mirror. My sight, hindered by whirling wind, dust and debris, I faintly see me in the reflection. Stunned, I am, by what is staring back at me. I close my eyes, rub them, and even shake my head a little. As I reopen them, the image remains. There are six eyes on my face, three pair. Unshakable is this likeness to me. My mind shouts out, “I’M TRYING TO PRAY!!” Then, He communicates to my spirit, through His: “This storm is yours. This confusion is yours. You have one pair of eyes, focused on the past. You have one pair, concerned for your future. The third pair is on today.”

WOW!! What is UP with TODAY??!! So, I pondered what was now in my spirit. The dust and debris dissipate, as I let go of the past. The winds cease to whirl, as I entrust my future to Yahweh. Today, now, is all I see. Clearly, I see!!

**Originally written 9/3/2014; revised 10/1/2020

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