• Bryan Hollomon Williams

There's Always Light.......

I've been outside at all hours of the night, and never have I been without some degree of visibility. True, darkness distorts the things we see at night, but we still see. To be in any place with 0% visibility, is to self impose such obliviousness. Truth works the same way. It's always there. We can see it if we want. In the height of Summer, we only enjoy the blazing sun when there is a benefit to the vain parts of our lives or fun to be had. Outside of that, we seek shade, buildings, air conditioning and find contentment with artificial light, which is a beautiful mute in comparison to the natural Light of Truth.

There is One Source of all life, and the Source is around us all day, every day, awaiting fellowship with each of us. Think of it this way. The Sun NEVER goes down. The world just turns its back on it for a bit, every day. Those who are in tune with the Source realize we are on a worldly roller coaster, but only for a while. Therefore they fret not, over the darkness that befalls the Earth. For the Source's Signature is written in the night sky, allowing them to rest peacefully through the hours of darkness.

There is always light around us. Be it the natural Light of life or the artificial light which contends with that, given us by the Source. When the Sun rises, we can either bask in it, allowing it to expose the things in us and about us that need work, then work accordingly; or we can retreat to the inside, drawing all shades and curtains, crank up the A/C, and rely on the deaf, dumb, and blind artificial lights of our choosing. In choosing the latter, truth becomes whatever you will it to be, putting your own words into mouths of golden veal and poles of astarte. This has led our world to be in constant chaos; wars over whose false truths are more true. Evil vs. Evil, who you got?

P.S. I believe I lost my way a bit with my writing over the past decade. I began trying to "lay it plain" and try to breakdown what it's my heart to elementary understanding. Then, I'd allow way too much emotion into it. Forgive me. I'm not for the simple minded and I've got to get my feet back on the grounds of my gifts, provided by the One Source.

Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.......

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