• Bryan Hollomon Williams

The Only Peace.......

The only Peace that we truly have say and control over, is our own Peace; that which is in us. Yet, it must be chosen. It must be chosen over the chaos caused by what we see and hear. Allowing ants and mosquitos into your home only leads to loss of rest and peace. Ant 1 and Mosquito 1 must be smashed before they have a chance to tell all their friends about the awesomeness of your home and all the food within.

Our minds are sacred temples, full of treasures untold. Outside influencers are always trying to weasel their ways into our thoughts, hoping to gain a permanent place in our minds and ultimately trickling down into our hearts. Have you ever heard someone say, "Don't take it to heart."? When we find things at the windows and doors to our minds, we must vet the hell out of them. Then, decide whether they are worthy of our mind space. How many times have you not done something, due to thoughts, fears and imaginations of something that never came to reality?

When has an ant ever bit you, while it was in its mound and you were in your house? As natural as worry is, it's still a choice. Think back to when your kids were babies and toddlers. Remember how they could fall asleep at parties, games, and gatherings of friends and kinfolk? LOUD friends and kinfolk? Remember their sweet little faces, while in their coma-like slumber?? True, they had not been tainted by the worries of life in this world, but at the same time, their loss of some of that innocence is due the conditioning we imposed on them as their parents. Part of it is due to our choices of things to worry about and fear.

I feel like I'm rambling. I guess that happens when you start typing at three something in the morning, get distracted, then type some more, get distracted several more times, and type some more. The moral of the story is, PROTECT YOUR PEACE from all forces and people and things and fears and worries that come against it. Often times, when we are defeated, we are defeated by self.

Be at peace within. Be at peace with who you are. Live your life according to your calling, your passion, your heart's mission, and be the WARRIOR you were created to be.

Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.......

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