• Bryan Hollomon Williams

The Bear and the Wolf.......

A moment ago, in my mind, a bear and a wolf were fighting. This is what I saw. The bear and wolf were fighting over a hill top. The wolf, knowing that the bear was the stronger of the two, stayed out of the bear's swat range. He knew that he as quicker and more agile than the bear, so he ran up the hill. The bear followed. Then the wolf ran down the hill. Again, the bear followed. This went on for hours, until the bear had no more energy to spend, chasing the wolf. This is what the wolf had hoped for. On the bear's last trip, up the hill, he sat down at the top and stayed there. Befuddled, the wolf looks up at the bear. He knew he had been defeated. Eventually, the wolf moved on.

In reality, what can a wolf truly do to a bear? The bear's initial mistake was to think that he had to prove something to the wolf, and compete for something that was simply his. When you see the hill top of your destiny, your calling, your purpose, KNOW that it is yours. You do not have to compete for it. You do not have to prove to ANYONE that you deserve it or that you're worthy of it. It's simply yours! Yes, it is scary, looking outside to see wolves all around. You won't know how harmless and afraid of you they are until you walk out, in your purpose, head held high, and with the confidence of the sun itself.

On the flipside of that coin, refrain from being wolves to other folks' purposes and callings. If it ain't yours, and you know it ain't yours, mind your business and move on.

Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.......

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