Synonymous Not.......

"Christian" is not synonymous with "good person."

"Rebellious" is not synonymous with "evil" or "wrong."

"Respect" is not synonymous with "agreement" or "acceptance."

Inappropriate word association is a conditioning affecting the world. Intentional misapplications of designations are master manipulators of multitides of mankind. Alliteration is awesome, ain't it?

These are just thoughts that hit me while on the road last week, after thinking back on various sermons I've heard over my life. These ones in particular were sermons that promoted or encouraged things that are not Christ-like, and clearly opposite the teachings of this religion's namesake. It reminds me of seeing signs in the clothing department of Wal-Mart, years ago, that said, "Made in America." When I looked at the actual labels in the clothes, they stated "Made in Mexico" while others boasted "Made in China."

I can smile at you all day long, while dying on the inside. I can seem the happiest, most positive person on the planet, and be full of resentment, anger, fear or hatred.

In the days of now, simply taking a human's word for anything is potentially dangerous and detrimental. If there is one thing I've learned from my recently deceased brother, Mfundishi Mingo, it's to simply study for yourself. Study for yourselves, so you never find yourself to be blind sheep being driven to Wolfville.

Don't go to Wolfville.......

Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.......

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