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Sparked By "Jah Guide", A Song By Peter Tosh.......

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

"Here though I trod through this valley" and then my mind ran away.......

There was once a village, in a vast valley, between two voluminous mountains. One of the mountains was slightly taller than the other. Every Sunday, a man would come down from the taller mountain, delivering to the village, the freshest and purest spring water to sustain the people for the coming week. The village thrived and grew. There was peace among the people. There were none who lived in want. There were none, who went without.

One day, a man came down from the shorter mountain, with a seemingly endless supply of this sweet, colorful, and flavorful drink. It was new, and exciting. The people flocked to him for this new beverage. The Man from Taller Mountain warned the people against this stranger's concoction, but the people mocked him. For what he brought each week was colorless and tasteless. Yet, there were some who never partook in what the short mountain's carpetbagger had to offer.

As the majority of the village was lost to the man from Short Mountain, strife, division, and lack ensued throughout the village. This same majority became gluttonous, lazy, and of little substance. Those who refrained, and maintained loyalty to the Man from Taller Mountain, were solid as rocks. They were immovable and undeterred. They continued working hard for the sake of the village, although the majority had forsaken the mission for sweet taste and beautiful looks.

Finally, the Taller Mountain erupted violently, flooding the village in the valley, between two voluminous mountains. The waters swept away the buoyant gluttons and empty, substance-less, vacillating villagers, while the faithful and steadfast were not moved. They were rock, which the waters passed over. The power of the purifying waters even eroded the shorter mountain, until it collapsed and washed away, with all its iniquity and falsehoods. When the waters subsided and returned to their Source, what was meant to be, simply was.......

Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.......

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