Sequins of Interpretation.......

Much of our faiths and what we believe in is based on interpretations of interpretations of interpretations of interpretations of interpretations of a truth or of real happenings. Imagine a basketball, slathered in gorilla glue, then dropped and rolled around in a barrel of multi-colored sequins. Now, you know the color of the basketball is orange. For you saw it in its original state. You teach your children that the ball is orange and they trust you. Yet their friends don't believe it. They doubt you know what you are talking about because all they see is the colors of the rainbow and then some. One kid claims that it has to be green because green is her favorite color. Another kids hates green and says it can't be green. It can be any other color, but green. Green is evil! No way it's green. Now your kids begin to question and doubt, based on peer pressure. You go out to tell all the kids that you saw it in its beginnings, and that the ball is truly orange. The kids laugh and call you crazy, and begin to tease your children for having a crazy Daddy.

You know the truth, but you have no control over anyone else's choice, mind, or trust.

Every color known to man, except orange, is glued to that ball. What is orange, then? Does it exist? Is it even a thing?

Time and work, picking off the sequins one by one and removing the glue, is what it will take to see the truth for oneself.

Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.......

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