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Yeah, the most vaporous tradition among us.......

According to, one definition of "resolution" is "the act or process of changing to simpler form." I stopped with the New Year's resolutions years ago. In light of the above definition, my life, for the past several years, has been a resolution. In simpler form is how we came into this world. In simpler form, we will exit this joint. The in-between is what has gotten out of control. Corrupt minds, hearts, spirits, and traditions, along with worship of money and material, artificial things seem to rule the Earth.

Simpler form.......carry my Faith in I Am, carry the Love of I Am and apply it to all, then find contentment with my daily bread.

Money and things are great, but they are not my life's motivation.

Back when I let go of every teaching ever imposed upon me, to seek Truth & Wisdom for myself and my own good, I dove deep within my own heart. There, I found the unconditional Love of I Am. It stood as a transparent vail. On the other side was the world, and the only way back out and to the surface of my being was through that vail and the world. That vail also served as a filter to my vision. Before stepping through, I could see little embers in every heart attached to the sets of eyes staring back at me. I Am was in all; brighter in some than others, but in ALL! After a good bit of time spent in my own being and after allowing that vail to encompass me, I emerged anew.

I see beauty in us all! It's never about outward appearances, and you can't condemn others for their conditioning and upbringing. Hell, you can't condemn and claim to Love as Jesus did. You sure as hell can't base or blame I Am or Jesus for your ill treatment of anyone! As hard as this pill may be to swallow, EVERYONE is worthy of love..

My Lifelong resolution is simply to love; love abundantly and unconditionally.......

Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.......

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