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Rare Teacher: King Zulu.......

Like no others,


Thick and thin,


In right and in wrong,


Agree and disagree,


Ride or die,




In failure and victory,


In truth and uncertainty,


Eternally, infinitely,


To know the heart of a man is to know the man. And if you know Mfundishi Mingo, you know a true original; an archetype of a man. There has never been one like him, and will never be another like him. Truest, most solid example of a brother and friend.

I remember asking Zulu what his name (Mfundishi) meant, back when we were in high school. "Rare Teacher" was his response. Key word, "Rare."

Rare Teacher has no issue claiming top of the heap,

As he stands blackest of all sheep.

Rare Teacher is judged harshly by the shallow of mind.

CNB!! "Care Nothin' Bout It!" as he continues his grind.

To gain from Rare Teacher, approach as you would the night,

Enlisting senses beyond mere sight.

Half-Steppers and Puppets, come correct!

Your entirety, Rare Teacher will disect.

With his whole being, Rare Teacher teaches.

Via his intellect, anger, pain, love, hate, and joy, he beseeches.

Because of Rare Teacher, I am a more rounded man,

Upon my own beliefs, I'm encouraged to firmly stand,

By Rare Teacher.......

My Brother, I miss you. Yin is missing Yang. Night is missing day.

When we meet again, we're going fishin!!

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