• Bryan Hollomon Williams

PSA: Type 1 Diabetes vs. Type 2 Diabetes

Good morning everyone! I'd like to thank you all for being here, to hear what I am compelled to share today. On behalf of my T1D family around the world, and for the simple fact that there are no fifty million commercials or ads for anything concerning Type 1 Diabetes care, I want to break some things down in my own personal way. Base on my own 30+ years of living with Type 1 Diabetes.

What kind is Type 1?

The "auto-immune disease" kind

The "insulin dependent" kind

The "bad" kind

The "multiple shots a day" kind

The "poor baby" kind

The "bless your heart" kind

The "rejected by the Army" kind

The "rejected by the Marines" kind

The "hung up on by the Coast Guard" kind

The "I no longer have beta cells" kind

The "my body makes ZERO insulin" kind

The "pancreas gone kaput" kind

The "can't pop a pill for it" kind

The "can't exercise it away" kind

The "can't healthy eat it away" kind

The "can you even play sports?" kind

The "Essential Oils can't heal" kind

What kind is Type 2?

The "not Type 1" kind.

The "pills, diet, weight loss, and exercise can fix it" kind.

The "most understood by laymen" kind.

The "seemingly only type to laymen" kind.

This crazy analogy came to me this morning, while trying to think of ways to explain the differences:

Type 2 is Snowpiercer, running on the eternal engine (pancreas still makes insulin). On the train, there is everything needed for survival. Issues do arise, folks get rebellious and out of hand, but when effectively addressed, everything functions fine and the train never has to slow or stop.

Type 1 is Thomas the Train, better yet, an old LB&SCR Class E2 steam engine (pancreas makes no insulin). It runs on steam, but steam don't make itself. It needs fire and the fire needs coal, and guess? The coal ain't gonna shovel itself! It takes constant work, shoveling coal to keep the fires going, so that the train has its steam to keep on keeping on. Shovel harder on the inclines, and take it easy on the declines. The shit is mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually exhausting more often than you'd think.

Thomas the Train will never, somehow miraculously, morph into a Snowpiercer. Those who think that it can and will, are likened to folks firmly believing that one day they will be able to bite into an apple and have it taste like a steak.......

Should you ever find yourself in a conversation and find out that you are speaking with a Diabetic (Type 1 or 2), TRUST ME, they know the ins and outs of their very own disease. Most of us have lived with this for decades!! In my almost 31 years of conquering this thing, NOT ONE of my Doctors, who all have degrees in medicine with decades of experience, has ever told me of a cure for TYPE ONE DIABETES!!! Maintaining good control is all we've got right. We've got GREAT tools and gadgets these days and kick-ass insulins, but still no working pancreases.

If all it took for me was diet and exercise, I would have been healed within a few days of leaving the hospital on December 7th, 1990.

Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.......

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