• Bryan Hollomon Williams

No Justice, No Peace.......

Do you know what it is to be black in America?

Do you know what it is to be female in America?

Do you know what it is to be black AND female in America?

Do you know what it is to be the victim of rape, in America?

Do you know what it is to have Type One Diabetes in America?

This country was founded BY white men and FOR white men!

Thinking of a recent conversation concerning Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter, I ponder plights. Many plights plague the Earth and our society. When you take the time to think about it, justice is what we need to see. Until there is truly justice for all, we will NEVER see real peace. I DO know what it is to be black in America, so that is why I stand with those who shout "BLACK LIVES MATTER!" We have not seen many of any other races being MURDERED by police ON CAMERA! Yes, All Lives Matter! I agree, but can we all work to help and stand with those whose lives are clearly in more danger than others? I don't know what it is to be female, a victim of rape, or a black female in America, but I have stood by and marched with those who are, on various occasions where justice was sought. I DO know what it is to have Type One Diabetes in America, and to be raped by pharmaceutical companies. Yet, at the age of 16, I sat across desks from U.S. Senators and House Representatives expressing the need for better, more affordable healthcare for folks like myself.

So, those of you who respond to "Black Lives Matter" with "All Lives Matter", how many times have you stood with, marched with, and protested with those advocating for the ALL other lives that are going through something in America and are fighting for rights and justice??

I say all that to say this: YES!! ALL lives matter, but NOT all lives are under attack right now. Those who are not oppressed, will never know what it is to be oppressed. If you believe and feel that ALL lives matter, then you would stand with, march with, speak up for, and assist the lives of those who are persecuted, under attack, being threatened, and snuffed out. Not all people are evil, but those of us who claim to be God's children and servants of the Most High should be better about our involvement in the pursuit of justice for ALL, in America. Bob Marley asked, "How many rivers do we have to cross?" By now, we have crossed them all!! John Holt said. "If you continue to burn up the herbs, we're gonna burn down the cane fields."

This shit is Biblical!!

"Whoever sows injustice reaps calamity, and the rod they wield in fury will be broken."

"Woe to him who builds his palace by unrighteousness, his upper rooms by injustice, making his own people work for nothing, not paying them for their labor."

"Woe to him who builds a city with bloodshed and establishes a town by injustice!"

Simply put injustice, in all it's costumes and masks, begets discord and rebellion. In other words, there are consequences to everything. OWN YOUR SHIT AMERICA!! QUIT PLAYING VICTIM WHEN YOU ARE THE MASTER THIEF AND MURDERER!!


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