• Bryan Hollomon Williams

My Reasons.......

"Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone." -Colossians 4:6-

These are my Babies, the ones over whom I've been blessed to have stewardship. When they were Babies, we never thought we be living with so much concern for their lives. Their lives are in danger, simply because they are of AFRICAN descent. "Damn the European genes in their bodies," society says! They are looked upon as less than human by some and less than worthy by others, all because AFRICA courses through their veins! AFRICA, where life on this planet originated, not mutated, but ORIGINATED! AFRICA, whose history is shunned by the "civilized" world that turns out to be more barbaric, savage, and corrupt than anything. AFRICA, whose great kings and rulers were depicted as white folks by Hollywood. Imagine how SIMPLE the minds of those who'd believe ANY historic AFRICAN figure was white. AFRICA, raped and pillaged!

My Babies are the reasons I say what I say today. For they are beautiful, intelligent, majestic beings of AFRICAN descent! My life, I give in protection of my Babies! Look at them! Imagine the evil that has to exist in a person, for them to cause my Babies harm! Woe to the life of anyone who should harm them; white OR black. Woe to their entire existence! My Babies are amazing and worthy of respect. They are worthy of being treated with love and kindness. They are worthy of all things great in this life. Yet, we live in a country where dogs are adored more than our children of AFRICAN descent. This is even evident in some of the folks living on my street. My eyes are ever vigilant and mindful of those neighbors of mine who have already revealed their racist hands. TRY ME!!

That was the salt!!

My Babies are also the reasons for my goodness. Outside of the "on call" fury in my chest, the love in me is truly unconditional and I need my Babies to see more Love than hateful, anger, wrathful, and vengeful Bryan. That has been the most painful thing with which to deal; a love that overpowers when you want so badly to repay. They need to see me at my best, and understand that we CAN make our country better. They are the center of my pride and joy. So, Mr. Racist, should you wander to and fro, searching for whom you can devour and see my Babies, you best starve a little longer and leave them be.

For the Love in me, and the Loves of my life, I pray that our government leaders as well as the ever neutral white folks of this country take a stand against the injustices against us! If we continue to be ignored, if black men, women, and children continue to be publicly LYNCHED and EXECUTED at the hands of those representative of our city, county, state, and federal governments, the "privileged" WILL begin to suffer. These are not threats. History has taught us this, over and over and over. Revolutions, rebellions, etc, all follow spans of oppression, injustice, and tyranny. It's inevitable, but can be avoided if our Country's leaders do the right thing! So, Mr. Racist, should you wander to and fro, searching for whom you can devour and see my Babies, you best starve a little longer and leave them be.


Was that more graceful?

Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.......

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