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My Favorite Numbers.......

I've mentioned "Tao Te Ching" by Lao-Tzu, many times in my writings over the past several years. Today, after work, I picked it up and began reading random passages. The thought "favorite numbers" came to mind. So, I decided to share the passages, marked by my favorite numbers:

#3 (a favorite because Jesus rose on the third day.)

"Don't glorify heroes,

And people will not contend.

Don't treasure rare objects,

And no one will steal.

Don't display what people desire,

And their hearts will not be disturbed.


The Sage rules

By emptying hearts and filling bellies,

By weakening ambitions and strengthening bones;

Leads people

Away from knowing and wanting:

Deters those who know too much

From going too far:

Practices non-action

And the natural order is not disrupted."

#7 (a favorite because on the seventh day, Yahweh ended His work and rested.)

"Heaven is long, Earth enduring.

Long and enduring

Because they do not exist for themselves.

Therefore the Sage

Steps back, but is always in front,

Stays outside, but is always within.

No self-interest?

Self is fulfilled."

#13 (a favorite because it's my Baby Love's number.)

"Favor and disgrace are like fear.

Honor and distress are like the self.

What does this mean?

Favor debases us.

Afraid when we get it,

Afraid when we lose it.

The self embodies distress.

No self,

No distress.

Respect the world as yourself:

The world can be your lodging.

Love the world as your self:

The world can be your trust."

#22 (a favorite because it's my birth day.)

Crippled becomes whole,

Crooked becomes straight,

Hollow becomes full,

Worn becomes new,

Little becomes more,

Much becomes delusion.

Therefore Sages cling to the One

And take care of this world;

Do not display themselves

And therefore shine;

Do not assert themselves

And therefore stand out;

Do not praise themselves

And therefore succeed;

Are not complacent

And therefore endure;

Do not control

And therefore no one under heaven

Can contend with them.

The old saying

Crippled becomes whole

Is not empty words.

It becomes whole and returns.

#33 (a new favorite because I just saw it today and liked it.)

"Knowing others is intelligent.

Knowing yourself is enlightened.

Conquering others takes force.

Conquering yourself is true strength.

Knowing what is enough is wealth.

Forging ahead shows inner resolve.

Hold your ground and you will last long.

Die without perishing and your life will endure.

#76 (a favorite, not only for being my birth year, but also for its representation of man following Yahweh.)

Humans are born soft and weak.

They die stiff and strong.

The ten thousand plants and trees

Are born soft and tender

And die withered and sere.

The stiff and strong

Are Death's companions

The soft and weak

Are Life's companions.


The strongest armies do not conquer,

The greatest trees are cut down.

The strong and great sink down.

The soft and weak rise up.

I pray you fall from the top floor of those skyscrapers of your minds, into the abysmal oceans of your souls. For they miss you. May the souls meant to be touched by this, be caressed.

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