• Bryan Hollomon Williams

My Big Bang Theory.......

To the "Self-Made" men and women out there:

Yahweh breathed the black powder of your soul and spirit into the powder keg of your mother's womb. Your father, torch in hand, ran up that path, determined to ignite you, like the Uruk-Hai did in effort to bring down the walls of Helm's Deep. BANG!! You burst into existence. Dependent upon her for your very life, your mother allows you to grow within her. Finally, she goes through hell, stretching things beyond their natural limits, shedding blood, and even soiling herself, so that you can see the light of day. Your father receives you and vows to be your protector and provider all the days of his life.

From there, your parents are your source of nourishment, learning, and safety. There are also grandparents, aunts, uncles, family friends, caregivers, teachers, doctors, and neighbors who all play parts in your growth and learning. Nothing you've done, has been done without the involvement, assistance, guidance, and leadership of others. Consider the words or actions of strangers that sparked in your mind an expansion of your own horizons, or a drive to learn a thing or two about a thing or two.

You went to college because the college accepted you. You landed your first job because someone took a chance on you. Your first promotion happened because someone allowed it. You were able to pursue your entrepreneurial endeavors because someone approved the financing. Your business grew because of your employees' decision to work for you, better yet, for your money.

The things we are most passionate about, were not even considerations until someone exposed us to them in some direct/indirect form or fashion. Satan is Satan because he believed that he could do better all by himself. This mentality is poison to all mankind; the mentality that one can be anything, all on his/her own, and that they've made it to the top by the work of their hands alone. Prideful, it is. Lost, we are, when we think we've done anything without any help.

The world says that we can be anything we choose to be. I beg to differ.......

Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.......

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