• Bryan Hollomon Williams


Noun: "A female parent."

Verb: "To be mother of; to give origin or rise to."

Like love, to me, "Mother" is an action word. The noun version, in my opinion, is without substance. The part of the the verb version I love most is "to give rise to." As parents, part of our job is to "give rise" to our children; propel them beyond our own selves and accomplishments. I've always believed that when you have children, life is no longer about you. You are now commissioned to be the best parent, teacher, counselor, and role model. It is what it is. I've known noun versions, throughout my life. I've also known verb versions.

Today, I honor two of the best to EVER do it. Elaine C. Williams, you are the best verb version of a Mother a man could have. Throughout my life, you've been ever loving, ever present, ever discerning, ever involved, ever understanding, and ever compassionate. All the things a boy can get from his mother, to make him into a respectable and decent man, you have provided to the best of your abilities. For that, I am ever grateful and it's a debt that can never be repaid in full. I aim to be as good to my kids as you've been to me, and I hope to give them as much rise in life as you've given me. I love you Ma!

Crimesha E. Williams, my ever loving wife, you are the best an man could ask for. You have definitely been the verb version of a Mother. Our children are blessed beyond what they can fathom! You've even helped me to become a better father. Your love, your dedication, your selflessness, and honesty in parenting is amazing and something to be desired by any kid or man for that matter. Thank you, Baby Love, for being the amazing mother you are to our children. I pray that they recognize how favored they are in having you as their verb version Mother! You have certainly given them rise and wind beneath their wings! I love you Woman!!



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