• Bryan Hollomon Williams

Monday Morning Thought 11/08/21.......

"Knowledge about the self, though, threatens to lead some place unsettling...You cannot learn and accept something new about yourself without initiating change. Everybody wants progress but who wants to change?" -Philip Shepherd-

Healing involves change. Peace involves change. Growth involves change. Love involves change.

All the good things we want within and without, involve change. Without perpetual growth and evolution of self, we are hollow shells.......shows for the world but detriment to all the things that truly matter.

Imagine the amount of decaying relationships, along the highway of life, that are there, only because of your (our) refusal to grow and change; your (our) refusal to accept and respect the change and growth in others.

The world is already wrecked, but that does not negate the call or need for us to check ourselves.


And you know what? That "place unsettling", I believe, is simply the truth of our flawed selves and inadequacies that we feel would diminish us if the world saw or knew. We've created images of ourselves that are acceptable to society, praiseworthy among our friends, and THAT is what we nurture and invest in, while our true selves; our spirits slowly waste away. Then we become rabid wolves, protecting our fake selves and chasing off those who come to us with Truth seeking Light, so that us can't be exposed.......We will lie on and tear down any and everybody we can, just to protect these false images of ourselves. In a sense, we are our own false gods.......

Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.......

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