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Updated: Aug 22

I am in a similar position to that of Luke, back in the day. Most of what I know of the great Antonio Cutts is through stories shared by his niece (my wife), my father-in-law, and others of his family. Where Luke and I differ, is that I had the honor and privilege of spending a day and evening with "Uncle Tony" in December of 2014. Crimesha and I were in Las Vegas, celebrating her 40th. Uncle Tony drove over from California to spend time with his niece.

Prior to his arrival, I was warned, "Baby, be careful around Uncle Tony! He will have you wanting to be a cowboy and thinking you can fly!" I must admit, I didn't take her warning as seriously as I should have. We hung out all day, checking out stores and casinos. Watching my wife interact with her favorite uncle was awesome. For it had been many years since they had seen each other. Hearing the stories I heard from my wife, told by Uncle Tony, were even more entertaining and hilarious. I also heard some new stories.

Needless to say, hanging with Uncle Tony DID make me wanna be a cowboy. I felt 19 all over again, and went all in on all of Uncle Tony's influence and charisma. The man could talk the white off of rice and charm the "2" out of water. We had a great time, until I could no longer hold my head up. "Vette (Crimesha), get him before he drowns in is soup!", Uncle Tony admonished her. She tells the story better than I can. I did get a $600+ Beaver skin Stetson that weekend. Thank you Baby!

A true Maverick, Uncle Tony was! He lived by his own rules, and bowed to no man. He did as he pleased, relying on no one. Straight forward and honest he was. I am grateful to have been able to meet this man, here on Earth. Now, I must warn all of you who reads this. Your guardian Angels are beginning to leave their posts! As of today, they all want to be cowboys!!

I am grateful to know that these words were spoken to Crimesha, after I had passed out from the effects of Uncle Tony's influence:

"Vette, I didn't wanna like the mutha-fucka, but I do!"


May your rest be peaceful, and your soul at ease.

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