• Bryan Hollomon Williams

Let Love Shine.......

I didn't really know anything about Allison Russell until earlier today. Her song "Montreal" played on my Prime Music station and I thought is was really nice. What really caused me to listen to more of her was the title of the album, on which you can find "Montreal." The title is "Outside Child." I am not sure what it means to her, but it made me think about a conversation my wife and I had last week. We were talking about how we can easily fit into all groups and crowds, yet we feel strongly that we just don't belong to any. I'm sure there are tons of others out there who feel this way. But that's a subject for another post.

As I listened to more of Allison Russell's "Outside Child" album, I got to the song, "Joyful Motherfuckers." The following words of this song stood out to me: "If you got love down in your heart, but it's way down in the dark, you better let it see the sun. This world is almost done.......Who you think I'm talking to? Show em what you got in your heart!"

Withheld Love is useless Love. Withheld Goodness is bad.


Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.......

P.S. Don't get hung up on that cussword up there!

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