• Bryan Hollomon Williams

Just Because.......

Allowance, in no way, equates to Acceptance. When your parents allowed you to go outside and play with your friends, any an all behaviors were not acceptable. The behaviors that were acceptable were praised and may have even earned you some treats every now and again. Yet, the behaviors that were not acceptable, left you with sore hind parts, welted skin, and/or lost privileges and freedoms. Am I right? I am VERY confident in saying that the majority, if not all, of you who are reading this will agree.

So, WHITE, EVIL, UNINTELLIGENT, COWARDLY COPS & MEN, just because none of you have had to serve life sentences for the murders of countless minorities: fathers, sons, mothers, daughters, etc (by our governments' allowance of course); it doesn't mean that your evil is acceptable. There, I said it. True, you're not the only evil under the sun, but you tend to be most consistent when it comes to LITERALLY getting away with murder. True, not all white cops and men are evil, hence the adjectives between "white" and "cops & men." Though, a hit dog will holler.

There is right, and there is wrong. All of us know right, when we see it. We all know wrong, when we see it. So, evil and hate are choices, chosen to be lived by and passed down from generation to generation. Love is the same way. You either choose it, or you don't. To hell, with all things not Love. A day will come when the downtrodden of all the world will be lifted on high, and the oppressors of all sorts will descend into the bowels of the very evil they serve.

Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.......

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