• Bryan Hollomon Williams

Judge Not The Oceans.......

As I was drving at some point last week, this question dropped into my heart: "Why is it that God admonishes us not the judge one another?"

Then, my mind ran with it. Maybe it's because God knows that our hearts and souls are oceans, as great as all Earth's waters combined. In these oceans are depths of which mankind will never be able to fully see, grasp, or understand the way God does. Turbulent and violent seas still supply and sustain. Growing up on the Gulf Coast, I know what the waters look like when Hurricanes approach. I know what they look like the day after, calm and still providing food for families of fishermen. Judge not the ocean. None can condemn what or who God has yet to.

Think about the ocean. Though each section, region, part of it has different names, it's still the same body. Now, think about the extent of the ocean that you have personally seen with your own eyes. Compare that crumb to a cookie that equates to three quarters of the earth. You've truly seen NOTHING of the ocean and all that is held in its deepest, innermost parts. This is why, I feel, it is not good for us to judge.

I remember having a converstion, at the age of 17, with a good friend of mine. He seemed to always have an issue with white people. He didn't want to have much anything to do with them. I said to him, on this particular day, "One day you're gonna fall hard, and the only hand that will show up to help you, will be white!" I will say this to any racist mind and mentality. God has a way of humbling us when necessary, and I promise you, it's better to work on humbling your own self now, and save Him the trouble.

So many of us have judged the waters of many oceans and written them off, based on one ill experience, based on looks, and based on hearsay. We fill the cloud of unknowing with assumption and stereotype, turning our attention to a self-created movie screen of an imagined ocean of all the things we say it should contain. All the while, we lose the person whom we should have take more time to get to know.......

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