• Bryan Hollomon Williams

Intent to Distribute.......

Imagine if you will. You are walking down the street, minding your own business. In your back pack is a bag of weed. You pass a cop and his K-9. The dog gets a whiff of your "medicinal" purposes. The cop stops you, searches you, finds the weed, and arrests you. You are charged with and later found guilty of possession with the intent to distribute. No one knows for a fact, to this day, that you had any intent whatsoever to sell/distribute what you were carrying. In your heart of hearts, you KNOW you had not this intent. Your record, prior to this, had been spotless. Yet, the fact that you had a bag-o-weed was enough to imprison you.

In this society, so much of what goes on is more based on assumption and speculation. We live in a world of weak minds, low morals, and corrupted souls. On my walk, the other day, the local High School had its Cross Country teams out practicing at the park. I was disturbed at how the young ladies were dressed. Their clothes were barely holding in anything. Cheeks out and nips on the horizon. How is this acceptable? How does the MALE coach allow this? From what I've gathered from my own kid, there IS a dress code, and just about every one of these girls was in violation.

The twisted of the world, will take such displays as invitations. The sick minded, like the cop above, assume that there is intent to distribute. These young ladies are way too young for such displays. Grow up, and do as you please. But, as a kid, protect yourself! Dignity goes a long way. How you present yourself either helps you or harms you. Until you are mature enough to be aware of and discern what's around you at all times, don't get caught with weed in your backpack! I have three daughters, and have implored of each, "Do not put yourself into positions where I have to show up, kill someone, or incinerate a city!" I know we cannot control what other people do, but we can make choices that minimize risks. I tell them to ALWAYS be mindful of their surroundings and the people in them.

Some will jump out of the lumber labors, onto my head, saying how such speak is victim shaming. I've seen it done a lot over the past couple of weeks. These, as always, are simply my thoughts; stuff to ponder. I am a protective father of three daughters and a son. No one has the right to anyone, unsolicited. Wrong is wrong. At times, we gotta stop stepping into ant beds, thinking the ants should not bite. We can't throw rocks at the hornets' nest and not expect to have to haul ass.

For whatever is advertised, there will always be buyers and robbers.

Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.......

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