• Bryan Hollomon Williams

In His Image.......

Are you Christian? Do you believe in Jehovah; Yahweh; God? I choose to call Him Yahweh, based on my interpretation of the Tetragrammaton (YHWH). Captial "G's" can't be seen in conversations, and with so many gods other than God being served in this world, I want you all to know that I am not speaking of a pile of rocks on a sacred burial ground or a cave from which voices come on every fourth full moon. Anyway, those of you who do believe in Yahweh, this is for us.

Yesterday, as I worked, this thought came to me. We, who believe in Yahweh, believe that we are crated in His image. I don't believe our physical appearance is what the scripture pertains to. I believe it is spiritual. That's just me. When you study Love, as it is described in 1 Corinthians, chapter 13 and as it is taught and seen in the life of Ιησούς Χριστός; and when you study the fruits of the Spirit found in Galatians, chapter 5, you see attributes of Yahweh's image and likeness. Do you agree?

Well, here is my thought. The truest test and testament of your Faith, Belief, and Trust in Yahweh is being a parent. Yahweh is our Heavenly Father, right? Yahweh is ever Loving, ever Forgiving, ever Graceful & Gracious, ever Merciful, ever Just, ever Truthful, never disowning. Now, are you ALL these things with YOUR children? Or do we find some conditions attached to how we treat them? Imagine, those of us with rebellious and ridiculously challenging kids, going to Yahweh for His Grace and Mercy and Forgiveness and Blessings while showing none of these things to our kid who seeks the same things of us. Does Yahweh spare the rod with you, every single time you step out of line? No, we are allowed to suffer the consequences of choices and actions that don't necessarily exude obedience. Sparing the rod DOES spoil the child. How else can we teach Grace and Mercy? Can you parent your children in the same manner Yahweh parents you?

This sense of Entitlement found in our youth, in my opinion, comes from lack of discipline, lack of boundaries and limits, and lack of honest, real conversation. Think about how old Mary and Joseph were. Think of how old David and Solomon were when they became kings. In today's society, we condition our kids to remain kids until an age where, magically, they will know what it is to be an adult. Then we find ourselves frustrated, critical, and judgmental (sometimes condemning) when they SUCK at being adults. The following may offend some, but it is my opinion. Suicide rates among our youth are what they are because kids these days are not properly taught about the realities of various forms of adversity in this world, or how to effectively handle them.

Over the centuries, since Creation, morals and spiritual fortitude have been diminished by hurt feelings, bruised pride, crushed egos, and weak minded people.

I've strayed from my initial point, but all things happen for a reason, right?

Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.......

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