• Bryan Hollomon Williams

I Remember A Dream.......

I remember a dream I had, several years ago, concerning a former pastor's ministry. His congregation was tiny, but he stressed the need to increase the headcount, and how we were failing at bringing more people into the fold. My dream only involved the few that were faithfully in attendance every week. In the vision, the pastor and I stood opposite one another at the exit of a mountain pass, leading down into a valley. As the faithful passed between us, we prayed over them, strengthening them with the WORD, prepping them for the battle in the valley. This dream followed a day spent, riding around with the pastor, checking out buildings for sale that would serve as his larger church. He asked that I be in prayer with him, over the matter, and whether it was a good time to be making such a move.

My interpretation of the dream was that he wait, and focus on strengthening his current flock until they are solid muscle for the ministry. "Now" was not the right time to take on extra weight. He disagreed. A month or so later, I was no longer a member, no longer a brother, and no longer a friend. Life goes on. A shepherd can only truly shepherd what he can shepherd. A CEO of a company of over five thousand employees, will only ever truly know a handful.......say, maybe twelve? A lot of churches have strayed from the Church (as exemplified in the Book of Acts), and have become major corporations, under the guise of a 501(c)(3).

Greed, power, pride, fame and vanity have led many to totally misconstrue what Jesus Christ meant for His Body to be. Better yet, "misconstrue" is not the right word for what the morally corrupt have done. "Pervert" is a better word. Yes, it's sickening. Growth of ministry is confused with increased headcounts and tithes. I don't recall any time when Jesus exalted Himself above others or lorded over people with flashy robes, jewelry, or pimped out chariots. If jets existed back then, I'm sure He wouldn't have had one. Rome did all that for us, and still does. On top of that, at what point did Jesus teach us about building funds and how every church needs one?

Farmer Isa, has thousands of acres of farmland and thousands of farmhands. Farmer Isa left town on other business matters, but expects his farm to produce an awesome harvest, especially considering the blood sweat and tears he shed in preparing his workers for his time away. Most feel content and accomplished with just being on the farm, hanging out at the farmhouse, out of the sun, with food and beverage, and soft places to rest. Out of the thousands, only 12 go out consistently each day to work, to till, to pull weeds, to water and sow seeds. They eat what's left by the lazy and gluttonous, and they rest on whatever stretches of floor or ground are available at the end of the day. For they know the true value of the farm, the land and what it has the potential to yield, as long as they continue to work it. They end the day, dirty, sweaty, and funky. The house that was meant for their nourishment, rest, and recuperation has become a den of thieves, hustlers, pimps and prostitutes.

Today, we think we are better then David, can accomplish more than Solomon, and are too fresh and too clean clean for humble Jesus and His example.

Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.......

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