• Bryan Hollomon Williams

I Cannot Negate.......

I cannot negate the inexplicable healing that took place in my heart, at the age of five.

I cannot negate the lack of fracture to my skull after a cinder block fell upon it.

I cannot negate the entrancing light I often found surrounding me, as I sat in church at a very young age.

I cannot negate the power that sustained me through a blood sugar of 996, when doctors didn't give me a 50/50.

I cannot negate the time I tested the Most High, at the age of 17. Three times I prayed for a specific thing. Three times those specific things were given within a day of each prayer.

I cannot negate the force and the voice that prevented my death when I was intent on meeting it.

I cannot negate the time I was awakened in the night by a voice saying, "I am here," with a single light shining down on my open Bible.

I cannot negate the overwhelming, humbling, soul cleansing, mind renewing, power that gripped me on August 21, 1998, when I cried out to Jesus.

I cannot negate the beating I took in 2007 for my Faith, that came to an immediate halt at the whisper of "Jesus."

To negate Yahweh, would be to negate every friendship I've ever known.

To negate Yahweh, would be to negate the Love I share.

To negate Yahweh, would be to negate all the good I've ever done or have been.

To negate Yahweh, would be to negate kindness, compassion, understanding from my being.

To negate Yahweh, would be to negate my very life and existence.

I simply cannot negate my Creator.......

Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.......

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