• Bryan Hollomon Williams

Fear of Level Ground.......

In terms of track and field, those who train on level ground all their lives will be slaughtered every time, by those whose lives have been spent, from birth, running up a never ending mountain side. With that being said, why do you think Pharaoh did what he did to the Hebrews all those centuries ago. He couldn't let them continue to grow in number and exist on level ground. Fear spoke to Pharaoh that day. Had he know his history and how they came to be in the land, and how a Hebrew managed to empire through famine and tough times, fear might have been driven out. Imagine your strength as a nation when peace exists among all its citizens. Such actions as Pharaoh's have happened repeatedly throughout history.

We all love the "underdog" story. We cheer for them and root for them, and cry tears of sentimental joy when they win, in movies at least. But there is one underdog that can't seem to catch a break; one whom society really doesn't want to see on level ground. That's the black folks of America. So, the game has been rigged to the point where we may never see a level playing field in this country. Is it possible? Yes! Why is there so much fear of all races in America playing on level ground?

The establishment of this country was rigged from the beginning to benefit one race and one race only. Their fear of a level playing field, is self-imposed. Imagine simply playing by the two rules of Matthew 22:37-39. These are the rules, given mankind, to pay by. There is no reason to fear, unless YOU have deemed YOURSELF inferior to another, OR you have done another dirty and fear the get-back. Now, think about it this way. Years ago, in my youth, I salted my brother's cereal while he was not looking. You should have seen his face! But for the next few days, I was paranoid and fearful of whatever revenge he was going to seek. Now, I could have gone to my parents and say to them that my brother had been threatening me (never mentioning what I had done), and they needed to do something or say something to him, but I didn't. You reap what you sow, and no matter what, my brother was going to get his "get-back" some way or another. Oh and guess what! WE ARE STILL BROTHERS AND LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!!

America owes not only African Americans, but also Native Americans and even those of Hispanic descent. Check your history. So, the fear is real for America at this point. "If we level the field, then what will happen to us?" That's their fear speaking, of course. Ultimately, the right thing is the right thing, but America's history is one of repeated wrong and unfairness. Personally, I believe that at this point in time, most (if not all) of us simply want true fairness and justice, safety for us and our loved ones, to be treated with respect, and allowed to live in peace. Level the field America! Those too simple to get it, GET WISDOM; GET UNDERSTANDING (Proverbs 4:5)!

2020 is the year, America. Will you own up to your corruption and failure to be good and decent to all mankind? Or what?

Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.......

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