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Do You Want the Bridge?.......

Thinking about a conversation I had with my eldest, last week, the title of this post came to mind. Taylor Bryaun and I talked about the not so great things that have gone down between us over the past several years. Ownership, was a big part of the talk. We both had our parts that we had to own. In talking about owning, we verbalized (to one another) and accepted our factors in the equation of the rift that came to exist between us. We agreed to amends, to do better by one another, and be better for one another. The now is what's most important.

I say all of that to say this: We (she and I) want the bridge! In life, bridges are burned. Sometimes, way too often, they burn. Way too often, we point fingers, place blame, and divert attention to all things but ourselves, but when you want the bridge, that ceases. Then, we begin on our own sides of the ravine, building toward the middle. I want the bridges between my loved ones and I to be concrete, therefore they are. They may be uglied up every now and then by fire, scuffs and gashes, but they never fail, never fall. They are ALWAYS trusted paths home.

I can only speak for myself in these matters. I am not sure how any of you handle burned or burning bridges in your lives. When the "ship" goes down between you and another, how do you handle it? If you're the offender? If you're the offended? In my opinion, I am confident in saying that most of us feel and believe it is the responsibility of the offender to make the amends or the initial efforts toward rebuilding the busted bond, wrecked walkway, or obliterated overpass. I personally feel "owed something" when someone has wronged me, yet there have been times I've caused harm, hurt, or heartache without realizing it. At such times, it may help if the offended speaks up and tells us the damage we've caused. Sometimes it may take a third-party observer/witness to tap the offender on the shoulder and say, "Hey, you need to fix this."

How does your bridge look? Is it a tinder box, similar to the original bridge on the river Kwai? Is it like the Mobile Bay bridge? Is it like that that foundationless bridge on Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom? Regardless to the type, they all serve the same function and purpose. The only thing that differs is what it takes to maintain and/or repair them.

The only thing that truly matters is your answer to this question: Do you want the bridge?

Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.......

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