• Bryan Hollomon Williams

Base Station 43.......

Climbing this mountain of life, we establish base stations, at which we rest, recuperate, meditate, strengthen ourselves, nourish ourselves, and even encourage ourselves. Sometimes, we find ourselves nostalgic and longing for this past. I, myself, am resting at Base Station 43. I look back to former base stations, longing for things of the past. My reality kicks in and says, "onward and upward," toward the pinnacle, Eternity. If I should descend to those old places, seeking those whom I loved and adored, I will only find that most are no longer lovable or adorable, while others no longer live. I would also find that the food is spoiled and rotten. For it was only good for that particular time. What good is milk to a body on steak and potatoes?

I sit here at 43, and my soul tells me that I am beyond the halfway point of my physical life. Yet, my soul is only an infant in the realm of Eternity. I've mentioned before, my studies over the past few years. I adore details. I crave the "why's" to all beliefs. Just ask my kids who know not to approach with any plans or claims that do not involve details and multiple perspectives. In studying mankind's history, found in our Bibles and outside of our Bibles, I too often find myself disgusted with us, disgusted with religion, disgusted with politics, disgusted with churches, and even disgusted with christianity. Take it how you will. I asked Yahweh, "Lord, why am I so angry with all these things?" His Word came to me. "I created none of that! I simply created you to be for Me!" For Him, I am.

Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.......

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