• Bryan Hollomon Williams

An Inundation of Indiscriminate Ideation.......

Everyone can't be the same person.......

I believe if man never purposed to define and categorize EVERYTHING, we'd be more accepting of individuality, and more open to spiritual flow.......

Think about it. From birth we are taught to be somebody. Yeah, be yourself, but yourself must be defined and reside in one of these somebody boxes.......

When Moses asked who he should say has sent him, our Creator answered Moses, "I am Who I am. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: 'I AM has sent me to you.'"

"I AM!"

An interpretation of the Tetragrammaton (YHWH or JHVH), as told to me by one scholar, is "I Am Becoming..."

For me, either interpretation is cool. Both are open-ended. Yahweh is all things. For if He said to Moses, "I Am the General of Heavenly armies!", man would have run with that, giving our Creator that definition, expecting only military leadership, enemy conquering, barked orders that he must follow. Man would have assumed that a greater entity than He existed because kings often sat higher than generals. Then, Yahweh would have to revisit man over and over, explaining more and more of Who He is. He kept it so simple, yet so encompassing of all things.

Think about the TRUST it took for Moses to accept such a name and take it back to the people.

With definitions, we cap ourselves off with the expectations and the limitations within the confines of the definition. Once we've defined people, we expect them to be what we've defined them to be, they tend to expect us not to ask them to be anything other than what is defined (not in my job description). We even define ourselves as things we are not, and only find and cause disappointment.

The more I live and learn, the more I realize that I know very little about anything.......

I trust Yahweh to simply be Yahweh, and I am so cool that. Connecting your spirit to His, He becomes Whoever and Whatever He needs to be for you.

Deliberate it this way. I am made in the image and likeness of the Creator. Some of you call me friend, because I've been a friend to you. Some of you call me counselor or advisor, only because I have been that to you. Some call me minister, because I've ministered to them, their spirit. I've also been called some not so great things, either because of not so great things I've done or because of the bluntness of truth that I sometimes bring.

In the image of our Creator, I am.

I Am even gave us a human version of Himself, as the example to live by.......LOVE!

I fit into no one's box, category, stereotype, religion or denomination. Don't put on Yahweh what is not Yahweh. Don't put on me what is not me.

Roll with me, if you will. We were created as spirit, but unfortunately, we must live life wearing this dunce cap called flesh. This flesh wars against our essence, our true nature, daily and relentlessly. The battlefield, on which this war is fought, is called "mind".

Ponder me some of this: This "Dunce Cap" is our greatest setback, in terms of becoming more spiritually sound and good people. Your Spirit is ALWAYS wanting to lead you right, but how deep have you allowed your flesh to grow? How far must you dig to fully tap into the essence of your existence. Flesh makes us fools for feelings. In my opinion, there is more life invested into feelings stock, than there is righteous stock. Righteousness operates in Truth, and Truth cannot allow Himself or His conviction to be curtailed by feelings.

When was the last time you truly checked your feelings at the door, before going into work?

The more credence we give to the flesh and its frequent fusillades of feelings, the more stifled our spirits become. Not to say that pouring yourself into the spirit would leave you devoid of feelings, but feelings and emotions will be less influential in your conversations, actions and reactions.

Some folks that I've known and dealt with, in my 44.68 years of life, will negate the good, righteous and just Truth because what was said or shared hurt their feelings.

There are spirits that exist among us that are not positive; that mean us harm, destruction, confusion, and chaos. You know when that man and that woman, back in the day, allowed themselves to be mislead into disobedience? Mull it over like this: We accepted candy from a stranger, ate it, and contracted a virus. Like Herpes, the virus is; always with us. Yet, with proper treatment and practices, it can be suppressed to the point of not spreading to others.

What are your practices and/or efforts to better yourself, to strengthen yourself, to better the world around you? Asking for a friend.......

Our Creator exists unconditionally. There is no, "If y'all don't get right, then I'll cease Me!" By this example, we should strive. We should strive to simply be, as we were designed to be; beneficial to all life. We are designed to be great stewards over the earth, full of love, care, and compassion. The good of us can't cease to be! We MUST continue!


I Am.......

I Am Becoming.......

I Am Who I Am.......

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