• Bryan Hollomon Williams

A Night Out with "Auntie Auntie Who".......

"Auntie Auntie Who" is how my brothers and I referred to our Aunt Celestine, when we were little kids. Well, last night, I spent time with Auntie for the first time since my late teenage years. Back then, I often picked her up for Church on Sunday mornings. We'd always have these chill, simple, few worded conversations; full of meaning and sparking deeper thought. Anyway, I picked my Auntie up from her condo and we walked to an outdoor venue in her new neighborhood. She had on a long, elegant evening dress, as I wore a black suit that would rival any of James Bonds'.

Once we arrived, there were multitudes of elderly men and women all around and all dressed "to the nines." Auntie introduced me around. We chatted. We laughed. We fellowshipped. There was music, yet it did not fall on ears. It was felt and heard in my spirit, and it was amazing! After a while of being there, we got ready to leave. We made another pass through the crowd, hugging, shaking hands, and saying our goodbyes. My soul did not want to leave. I got Auntie back to her condo safely. Before I took off, I asked her for the name of the band that played. Auntie Auntie Who whispered into my ear, "Satious."

As I walked home, images of the evening played and replayed in my mind. Thinking back to words spoken, advice shared, and the touch of Auntie's hand as it held mine, "Satious" describes it all. "Satious" is not a real word, but when it is used, it's in relation to "Satiety" which can mean "fullness" or "gratified to or beyond capacity." Some definitions relate it to gluttony. Knowing my Auntie, the latter is not applicable. If she was full of anything beyond capacity, it's love and kindness that overflowed onto and into those around her. Auntie's purse was often satiated with peppermints too.

At the end of this dream, vision, travel, or whatever it was, I awoke with the knowledge and satisfaction that all the souls I met, and that of my Auntie Auntie Who are all well. They are satiated with peace, and also with encouragement for mankind. They wish us well, and know that we are fully capable of accomplishing great things while still living.

I thank Yahweh for this experience!

From left to right: My Grandmomma, Ollie Ruth Williams; "Auntie Auntie Who" (Aunt Celestine Stamps); and Aunt Geraldine "Binky" Stephens. May these OG's continue theri rest in peace, and I know they are!

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