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A Man.......

Covid19 has reeked havoc on our planet with its rampant running through the Earth's human population. Near and abroad, we find this destroyer having its way. It saddens me to share that Covid19 struck home for us, last Saturday, in taking away my Uncle Roosevelt "Frank" Dean. Since Saturday, I've pondered what to write, in honor of him. From Saturday evening, to this very moment, I see flashes of memories of Uncle Frank. Along with these flashes, "A Man" strikes in my mind. All I know is what I know concerning this great man. I am absolutely confident in saying that all who knew him would agree that Uncle Frank was a MAN in the truest sense; not a male, but a MAN!

When I was a little one, looking up at Uncle Frank was extremely intimidating. I was terrified of him and would run away when he called for me. He was huge and just looked mean, to me. As I grew older, observing this gentle giant, I learned to respect him and admire him as a role model; an example of what a Man should be. He worked hard, providing for his family (immediate and extended), and served his Church as "Deacon Dean". At family reunions and gatherings, he always manned the grill and slathered the meat with his homemade BBQ sauce. Thanks to Uncle Frank and Aunt Stella, I knew what every fish in the Gulf looked like, up close and personal. For they caught everything out there! He often enlisted us youngans to slop the hogs, feed the hounds, clean fish, and skin & gut deer. When Uncle Frank passed an order, we simply did his bidding. He never had us do anything he was unable to do himself. If we struggled, he taught and showed us. We need more Uncle Franks in this world. He is one of the reasons my growing up was so awesome.

It is my strong opinion that in this day and age, you find less and less Men, like Uncle Frank. Accountability, responsibility, humility, work ethic, and loyalty are seemingly things of the past. Within the past few years, I have come across males of adult ages who cannot change a tire, pump gas, or cut grass. I don't exaggerate this. I am grateful to have witnessed a Man in my youth; one to learn from and fashion parts of my own being after. I honor you today, Uncle Frank, and I thank you for being a Man. I thank you for your love and example. May you rest easy in the arms of your Sweetie, Aunt Stella! Amen!

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