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I Am.......

The Tetragrammaton (YHWH/JHVH), I never really looked into until around 2017. This was a result of a conversation I had with my good friend "RAJ" whom I'd meet with weekly to discuss the Bible, mankind, states of the world, as well as Biblical prophecies. On this particular day, back then, we were discussing the "name of God". [Then it hit me, in verbal conversation, who knows who you are talking about? There are no caps and lower case in verbal communication. And there are other gods that people believe in to this day. "I better call Him by name," I felt.] The Tetragrammaton is Hebrew, and is what is believed to be Yahweh's response to Moses in the Book of Exodus, Chapter 3, where Moses basically asks, "Who am I to say sent me?" Now, over time we have various interpretations with multiples influencers behind these interpretations. You'd have to do your own research. For there is way too much material for me to list now, and I am not writing a book here.

Now, these are the interpretations that I've gathered thus far, in terms of Yahweh's answer to Moses: "I am who I am", "I am that I am", "I am becoming", "I exist", and "He exists." Personally, I use "I am that I am." It is my daily Mantra, which means "mind tool" or "mind vehicle/transport." Before I rise each day, I find myself repeating "I am that I am" multiple times. Then I begin to say things, such as "I am Love", "I am Peace", "I am Kind" and so forth. My mind is carried, better yet, transported to these destinations of love, peace, kindness, etc. Positive energy grows from there.

Where are you going with this, Bryan? Well, Bryan, I can't say exactly, but ride with me for a bit. I have written before about being defined, boxed in, and/or stereotyped. This is what was in my mind and heart this morning. Yahweh gave the most profound answer to Moses, "I am......." Think about it, there is no limit to Yahweh. Definitions are boxy. When you take the time to tell people who you believe yourself to be, they take those limits and box you in. Does this not happen in job interviews or those online applications? You don't use certain keywords, and you don't get considered or flagged as one worthy of an interview. Simply because I forgot to mention that I am punctual or self-motivated, does not mean that I am neither. Feel me?

At this point in my life, I can't do that for you. Simply tell me what you need from me, and I will tell you if I can be that for you, or if I am that for you. I believe in Yahweh, and I do believe that we, mankind (man and woman alike), are made in His image. I, myself, am proud to be such. Therefore, I will continue with my morning meditation of "I am......." Not only will I meditate on who I am, I will also BE who I am. Actions speak louder than words.

How many of you have been blessed with an opportunity where folks have been skeptical of bringing you on, then you turn out to be one of the greatest choices they've ever made; a true asset to the business? I mean probationary periods exist for a reason, right? Then there is the argument of the money it takes to bring people on, put them through training, only to have to let them go, and yada yada yada. So, it's a money thing. I'll let that be. Maybe not. If we'd become more spiritually discerning and in tuned with something greater than money and ourselves, we might just make better choices and reduce churn. Okay, now I'll let that be.

Think back to Moses and that message he had to take back to the multitudes of Hebrews in Egypt. Imagine the Faith that took!! Through his faith, others believed blindly. For they had not seen the burning bush or heard the voice of the Most High. Then, as many of you say, "God showed up and showed out!" Who Yahweh truly is, is so far beyond human comprehension. He is TOO IMMENSE to fit inside of religion and doctrine. Yet, this is where we ruin it all, and I can't say that it's all intentional. We try to define Him, wall Him in, and settle on tradition; we stop growing. In our dead-end growth and traditions, we stunt the growth of coming generations.

I am that I am. In who or what I am to you, I strive to be who Yahweh has been to me. I am Love. I am Patience (yet I struggle with this one at times). I am Kind. I am Peace (unless you harm my loved ones). I am Comfort. I am an Unbiased Ear. I am a Strong Shoulder. I am Sound Advice. I am an Advocate. I am Correction. I am Conviction. I am an Apprentice. I am a Helper. I am also Imperfect. There are no limits on who I am.

In His image and likeness, I am.......

Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.......

P.S. The history of mankind goes so far beyond the Bible. Studying these texts (some of which were once part of the Bible) will only give you greater insight into the world. They will also give you greater understanding of today and why we are where we are, regardless of your faith, beliefs, or lacks thereof. Be bold enough to seek things out for yourself. I am still learning and growing, and the only two people who could ever quell my thirst and desires for knowledge are myself, and Yahweh. Amen.

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