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Who I am


I was born and given the name of Bryan Hollomon Williams, on a date that some may find hard to believe, just by looking at me.  As a kid, I hated my middle name and often wondered why my parents would punish me with such a terrible middle name.  It was not until my Aunt Juanita sat me down and explained my middle name to me and told me that I should be proud to have it.  I was in the 5th grade at the time.  Since then, I've carried my middle name with pride.  It is my direct connect to a grandmother I never had the joy of knowing.  I know now that it means a heaven of a lot for my mother to see her mother's name carried on in me, and now in my son.  I pray that it continues.


As a kid, I never openly expressed my innermost thoughts, feelings, and desires.  I just kept it all bottled up inside.  As much as God has expanded and enlarged my heart in 43 years, a heart can still only hold so much.  Therefore, Hollomon Speaks.


Why I do this


One of my favorite scriptures best fits here:


"For I am full of words, and the spirit within me compels me; inside I am like bottled-up wine, like new wineskins ready to burst.  I must speak and find relief; I must open my lips and reply.  I will show no partiality, nor will I flatter anyone; for if I were skilled in flattery, my Maker would soon take me away."  Job 32:18-22


Spiritual and Cathartic, this is for me.  If my overflow, my boiling over, my ranting, my steaming, or my dreaming somehow helps, inspires, motivates, or encourages one heart, then I am grateful to have been some good in Yahweh's Will of touching lives.

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